Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reno, NV...a few thoughts

I am always surprised by Reno (whether good or bad). Sure, it's not big city, but it is the Biggest Little City in the World. I have lived here on and off for 8 years. I thought I knew Reno well when I moved back a year ago, but I am finding all these pockets of interesting places scattered throughout the city. I know that I have discovered a few, but it is so wonderful to discover something new.

Yesterday I went on a long walk with a friend of mine. He took me to a park near Reno High School that I had never been to. It was in an area that was tree lined and full of beautiful houses. It was nice outside, really one of those perfect summer evenings. We sat in the park and looked out over the northwest side of the city while the light slowly faded. I thought about how pretty this city really is as long as you don’t stick to the dirty downtown part. There are so many other places, like this one, that are just magical and exciting. As the light faded I kept thinking how I really don’t know the city all that well.


After this adventure, I came up with a plan to try and find more of these stunning pockets of the city. I want to explore closer to home a bit more. I think its good advice to. Find out what makes the area you are living in so magical. Explore closer to home.


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